Improve your work-life balance with TimesheetKiller in just 3 steps

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Improve your work-life balance with TimesheetKiller in just 3 steps

February 2, 2021

Improve your work-life balance with TimesheetKiller in just 3 steps

Work-life balance is a type of time management which main goal is to find a balance between work and private life. Nowadays, when many of us work from home, it is particularly difficult to separate these two spheres of life. TimesheetKiller categorizes the time spent at the computer, so it’s a great tool that can help master your work-life balance. And it’s completely free!

So how can TimesheetKiller help you maintain your work-life balance?

3 steps to work-life balance with TimesheetKiller:

1. Let the application monitor your activity

TimesheetKiller save your activity on your computer. You can rest assured that your data is safe, the app runs locally, on your disk. Your data is stored privately and securely. The application will observe the programs you run and the pages you visit.

2. Analyse your time management with a report from TimesheetKiller

After analysis, you receive a report. You can find out if you really worked as long as you thought. Perhaps your “short breaks” are longer than you think?

You will be able to assign activities to categories such as “work” or “private”. Your data will be ordered and sorted to show you how you spent the day or week. The summary of your actual activities might surprise you.

3. Draw conclusions and stop wasting your time

The awareness of how you spend your time will definitely increase. You will learn how much you really need to complete each task, making the planning process that much easier.

Effortlessly, all negative feelings will disappear. You will no longer feel overworked or as if you have wasted your time!

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