5 trending blog topics in 2021 by TimesheetKiller

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5 trending blog topics in 2021 by TimesheetKiller

February 15, 2022

5 trending topics on TimesheetKiller blog in 2021 

Before diving into TimesheetKiller’s trending blog topics in 2021 – a quick reminder about our main focus and goals. The premise of our blog is to address the broadly understood subject of productivity and time management. We want to facilitate the work of freelancers and other professionals carrying out many projects simultaneously. Most of the topics we write about are based on scientific research and the latest reports in a given field.

TimesheetKiller – productivity & time management blog

The issues on our blog are focused around productivity and time management areas. That includes tips for organizing your work, as well as prioritizing, delegating, and automating tasks. There are also some psychological-related issues, such as procrastination, stress, and work exhaustion, with tips on dealing with them. We often recommend tools aimed at improving everyday work and keeping a work-life balance.

So, let’s take a look at some numbers. In 2021, we published 32 articles with an average reading time of 6 minutes. Our blog was visited by 2400 users who spent 440 hours in total reading our content. What topics were the most interesting for them? Read on! ⬇️

5 trending blog topics in 2021 by TimesheetKiller – blog statictics summary

1. How to wake yourself up in the morning?

5 trending blog topics in 2021 by TimesheetKiller – 1. How to wake yourself up in the morning? 9 research-proven ways

Do you want to start each day well, fresh, and well-rested? Well, you’re not alone. This article comes first among the most trending blog topics in 2021 on our blog. And the good news is – it brings you some helpful tips. ⬇️

Scientists have found that chronic sleep deprivation or disturbance is associated with all sorts of adverse effects – from memory and cognitive problems to serious medical conditions. They also indicated that it is impossible to train yourself to survive with less sleep – because the amount of sleep we need is probably genetically determined

This article deals with other intriguing research studies on sleep, describes its phases and the optimal sleep duration. And above all, it lists 9 scientifically proven ways to wake up well

How can you benefit from these tips? A proper routine will help you wake up refreshed and allow you to start your day with a positive attitude. Starting your morning on the right foot can significantly affect how you deal with external stimuli and challenges during that day. And creating healthy bedtime habits will help you get a healthy, deep sleep. So if you want an excellent start to every day, follow these scientific tips.

Read here: How to wake yourself up in the morning? 9 research-proven ways

2. How to avoid overworking during remote work?

5 trending blog topics in 2021 by TimesheetKiller – 2. How to avoid overworking during remote work?

During the last two years, millions of people worldwide have made a sudden transition to remote work. As a result, employees had to quickly switch to a new work model, and employers faced the challenge of maintaining their efficiency. And as always, mental and physical health should be at the top of the priority list, which is especially difficult and important in a pandemic.

One of the problems has become overwork and with it came burnout. Excessive working hours actually lower employees’ productivity. What can they do to avoid it?

The quality of one’s work also affects their relationships, happiness and the overall quality of life. But, on the other hand, working too hard or being poorly organized can harm your mental and physical health.

This article introduces the features and symptoms of overwork and explains how it influences health and reduces productivity. And above all, it tells you how to avoid overwork while working remotely.

Read here: How to avoid overworking during remote work?

3. Freelancing work – can you become a freelancer?

5 trending blog topics in 2021 by TimesheetKiller – 3. Freelancing work – tempting but not for everyone. Can you become a freelancer?

The pandemic seems to have brought the job market into a new era, with the freelancer becoming an essential part of it. It is said that the best times of freelancers are ahead of us, and many – the skilled and completely new freelancers – see this form of work as a promising career path. In addition, the growing demand for digital technologies and services creates space for many specializations.

Working as a freelancer is very tempting, but is it for everyone? Can anyone become a freelancer? Who is a freelancer, and who is this work model suitable for? Like all professions it has its pros and cons so of course it isn’t for everyone. 

First of all, people who choose to work as a freelancer must have an idea for themselves and their business. Specialization in a given field, knowledge and practical skills in this work model is necessary.

In this article, we described 7 most popular freelance professions. Read it and see if you can become a freelancer.

Read here: Freelancing work – tempting but not for everyone. Can you become a freelancer?

4. Burnout symptoms – how to overcome burnout at work?

5 trending blog topics in 2021 by TimesheetKiller – 4. Burnout symptoms – how to recognize and overcome burnout at work?

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight. It is born gradually, usually caused by work overload and permanent stress. To overcome it, it is worth analyzing what stresses and exhausts us. 

Do you often feel tired after a long day at work, or maybe you need a vacation after a sprint? Do you have a lack of enthusiasm for work or even life in general? These are alarming symptoms of burnout, which is quite common as our working lives continually become more demanding and stressful. 

Maybe you are worried that you may be experiencing burnout but are unsure about its signs? This article presents a list of symptoms for people suffering from burnout. It describes 12 stages of stress, which can drive burnout, which psychologists Herbert Freudenberger and Gail North outlined. 

We describe 8 ways to overcome burnout that can help you regain your energy, focus, and feel more positive. But remember, just as burnout does not occur suddenly, it also takes time to overcome it. So follow the tips from the article and be patient. The effects will undoubtedly come.

Read here: Burnout symptoms – how to recognize and overcome burnout at work?

5. Time tracking apps vs spreadsheets

5 trending blog topics in 2021 by TimesheetKiller – 5. Time tracking apps vs spreadsheets – which one should you choose?

Do you sometimes wonder about the better solution: spreadsheets or time tracking systems? This is where the fifth among our most trending blog topics in 2021 comes with help.

Spreadsheets are a popular solution for recording and analyzing work. They offer several functions that can users can implement for the purpose of time tracking. And a time tracking system is a dedicated application explicitly designed to record, store, and analyze working time. Tracking apps are also more accurate and systematic because they calculate all data automatically.

Our article discusses the strengths and weaknesses of both solutions, especially in the context of tracking working time. We bring you closer to their features, speed, accuracy, and benefits. Finally, we look at their use to track and calculate working time depending your work model. So, let’s compare these two solutions and choose the right one for you. ⬇️

Read here: Time tracking apps vs spreadsheets – which one should you choose?
5 trending blog topics in 2021 by TimesheetKiller – time-tracking app

We hope you enjoyed our summary of trending blog topics in 2021. Creating TimesheetKiller blog, we aim at professionals whose work consists of many projects – like developers, graphic designers, marketers, or lawyers. So if you work as one, we especially encourage you to check out the articles popular among our readers. As a technology company, we understand this work environment enough to provide you helpful tips.

Having that in mind, we also created the TimesheetKiller app – a tool addressing the need for tracking the work time and quick timesheet preparation. It monitors all tasks performed by a user and groups them into projects and clients. 

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