8 Valuable Productivity Blogs to Follow in 2021

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8 Valuable Productivity Blogs to Follow in 2021

June 7, 2021

8 Valuable Productivity Blogs to Follow in 2021

Usually, we talk about productivity in the work context – a significant area of ​​our life. Productivity in the sphere of personal life is just as essential. Some people appear to be naturally productive. Others need to keep improving, look for inspiration and implement better habits to live more fully. In this article, we’ll bring you to the world of productivity blogs that teach you how to achieve that. 

Productivity – why does it matter?

High productivity results from a combination of factors such as personality, personal energy, natural talent, motivation, training/education, environment, time management etc. Various studies suggest that people who maintain a high level of productivity tend to be more involved in activities they need to perform.

Productive people are able to:

  • set clear boundaries between work and private life; 
  • say “no” to new tasks when they are overburdened; 
  • prioritise regular breaks and free time; 
  • work happily with others in a mutually beneficial way. 

Productivity is the ability of an individual, team, or organisation to work efficiently over a set period to maximise efficiency 

Topics and categories in productivity blogs

Productivity blogs are a very interesting thematic assumption. They cover many fields, providing a full spectrum of information about a productive life. You can learn from them how to improve the balance between professional and personal life, which is the key to success. They also give valuable tips on how to overcome your limitations to grow as a person and exceed your goals.

Sometimes they relate to such spheres of life as happiness, health and money. Some contain examples from the lives of specific individuals who have become successful through high productivity, as well as instructions and case studies for use in life. 

Among the vast offer of blogs about productivity, some are minimalist in form, and some offer rich infographics. But all of them have to provide high visual value to gain an audience.

Characteristics of a good productivity blog

The most distinctive features of blogging about productivity are:

  • current topics and insights; 
  • systematic updating; 
  • various areas of productivity; 
  • methods behind improving one’s workflow; 
  • support for the non-professional aspect of life; 
  • conclusions in the form of practical advice.

8 valuable 2021 productivity blogs: 

Training seminars and books on productivity are a good start. Both of these forms have become somewhat time-consuming at present. Podcasts, YouTube videos and blogs are more fashionable and modern learning platforms today. Spending a lot of time on them would, of course, be counterproductive, but reading them regularly, e.g. every two weeks/month, is a way to keep up to date with the topic.

We’ll cover 8 blogs that are worth following. We chose the most popular ones, cited in rankings on various websites. The selection is made on the basis of quality, experience and practicality. They are intelligent and innovative, and they often redefine values ​​such as life goals and work ethics. They will help find the right path to productivity, well-being and fulfilment in 2021. 

1. Zen Habits

This blog, founded by Leo Babauta, was named by Time Magazine one of the best blogs back in 2010. The creator of a blog simply and effectively teaches you to develop simple habits to not only become productive but generally a better person and change your life to a more valuable one.

The author talks about the simplicity and mindfulness he has achieved by changing his habits. He has developed the ability to focus on the essential things and motivate himself to make creative things. The blog’s author also supports personal productivity, helping you find the perfect balance between work and private life.

Babauta has written five books about how you can do more and be successful by changing your habits. He also conducts master courses: Seachange, Fearless training and Fearless mastery. 

2. Lifehacker 

The blog is considered to be one of the best because it lists content for readers from all walks of life. It also creates a place where people can share tips, life recommendations and prohibitions regarding productivity, etc.

Lifehacker owners sum up the blog as follows: “Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done. I’m pretty sure you got the point! It’s where you can find any kind of tips, and tricks, and downloads that can help you do whatever you want to do.

The website’s team categorised topics this way: Downloads (or more specifically, Windows Downloads, Mac Downloads, iOS Downloads, and Android Downloads), Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, How To, DIY, and more”.

3. Adobe 99U 

In essence, the blog recalls the words of Thomas Edison: “Success is 99 per cent you, and 1 per cent genius!” success is usually a reflection of all the hard work that a person does every day.

The blog is dedicated to creative people. It emphasizes perfecting creativity and enables creators to do more things better. The authors give inspiration through various practical examples that are easy to try yourself. In addition, it has an extensive productivity section, both professional (to be solved with your team) and personal.

This productivity blog also has tons of real-life examples. It is the perfect blend of texts on personal productivity and advice on leadership and planning.

4. LifeDev 

This graphically minimalist blog may not arouse interest on your first visit. However, it does contain a lot of useful content that is about much more than just productivity. LifeDev aims to help creative people in the “creation business”. A blog teaches you how to make your ideas come true through four pillars of content: remote work, productivity, creativity and goals. It helps people complete their projects, no matter their size.

Masthead says it all: “Anyone can have an idea. It is an entirely different challenge to do this.” If you are trying to be more productive in life, whether at home or work, this blog will live up to your expectations. Its authors regularly supplement it with new topics every other day. 

5. Lifehack 

As its name suggests, this popular blog publishes practical hacks for solving virtually common problems of students, professionals, business owners and many others.

In addition to the main theme, the blog also includes topics related to lifestyle, communication, money, technology, and work, each of them are deepened by productivity in a given sphere of life. One of the dominant features of posts on this blog’s site is that they are sharing-oriented the audience shares what they think is worthwhile and feasible.

6. Dumb Little Man 

It is founded by internet blogger Jay White who shares his personal experiences and insights for others to comment on. It serves to inspire and share its readers’ individual ideas. As a result, the blog has become a focal point for information on productivity, matters and general problems related to life. 

It is also a place to find a practical solution for them. As the creator himself says, “the site is about productivity, exceeding goals, automation, and, well, finding a simpler way for everything.” DLM has well-balanced categories that include happiness, success, money, instruction, life tricks and health

7. Michael Hyatt’s Blog 

The blog is dedicated to people who want to be successful in health, relationships, intellectual development, hobbies, passion and, of course, productivity. He talks about multi-dimensional success that improves life as if it were a big picture.

Blog founder, Michael Hyatt, is the author of the New York Times bestselling entrepreneurship book. His blog focuses on team and personal productivity. Hyatt usually writes about his stories of personal success to help aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals succeed in life. He also recommends tools for managing tasks. 

8. TimesheetKiller 

It is a young but dynamic blog that started publishing at the beginning of 2021. If you are reading this article, you should already have a small idea of the topics it covers. The blog can be beneficial for people working as developers, graphics, marketers and lawyers. A large part of the articles deals with the organization of remote and freelance work.

On the TimesheetKiller blog, we have the ambition to provide reliable and – what is essential – current content based on recent research.

Applying tips and following the sources we provide on the blog can support your efforts to increase productivity. Using the recommended tools, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your daily work and keep your work-life balance at the same time. 

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We hope that the presented list of blogs from the description is enough of an incentive to dig deeper. Hopefully, it will arouse not only your interest but, above all, the right attitude to practice productivity.

Being active in this field helps you overcome challenges, discover new opportunities and be amazing during your work, home and play time. Following blogs and systematically checking them can help you gain the knowledge you need to design a healthy, happy and prosperous future. 

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